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Clean Beauty Advice: CBD Oil

by Karim Orange

The controversial trend for beautiful skin

Welcome to Clean Beauty Advice, my new bi-weekly column, exclusively for Organic Spa Magazine! I’m so happy you’re here. In each column, I’ll talk about (and help you navigate) the clean beauty world. We’ll explore tips, tricks and products from around the globe. From interviews to product and spa reviews, I’m here to help you stay informed and educated about the best in clean beauty products and services.

The History:

Cannabidiol (CBD for short) is a component in cannabis, but unlike tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)—the chemical responsible for most of cannabis’ psychological effects—CBD is not psychoactive. It’s still a little controversial, but in the clean beauty world it’s becoming a trend that wellness warriors and professionals swear by. It’s currently being used in everything from lip and skin balms to pet products.

So how and why is it used? Jessica Assaf, co-founder of Hempia, explained its usage on Well and Good: “Its multitasking abilities lie in the fact that CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system (ECS), which is found throughout the human body’s nervous system, organs, connective tissues, glands, and immune system. When external forces disturb the body’s homeostasis, the endocannabinoid system helps our body push back and regain balance,” she says. “Cannabis compounds like CBD are thought to assist in this balancing act, which can be disrupted by an unhealthy diet, stress, or toxin exposure, by binding to cannabinoid receptors in the body.”

The Sexy:

I recently experienced a Cannabis Facial at Harlem Skincare and Laser in New York City. Clinic owner Seven Brown performed the facial, which began on my feet. When I asked why, Seven replied, “Starting with the feet is what we like to call ‘the welcome’. It’s introducing something new to the body. You want the body to release and take in. In addition to working through the feet, some people also need the décolletage area worked on. In your case your feet were receptive. Some treatments offered to the body are very penetrating, which in some ways is more forceful. By allowing the body to ‘release and take in,’ the delivery system is much more holistic.”

During the first part of the facial, Seven used organic digestive enzymes to exfoliate my skin in a non-traditional way—something I plan to try at home. After this she applied a paste of cannabis, manuka honey, crushed pearls and other ingredients, and performed a lymphatic massage. At this point I was so relaxed that I just dozed off and let the rest of the magical facial take place. When the final step was rinsed off my skin, Seven explained to me that every service offered at Harlem Skincare and Laser uses shungite water, which is something I’m also going to start using at home. When it was all over my skin felt so soft and hydrated. It’s been three days now, and I haven’t washed my skin with anything except water. I also haven't used any products on my skin. It’s currently still just as glowing as it was right after the facial.

After leaving Harlem Skincare and Laser, I headed over to Elan Salon and Spa in Brooklyn for a CBD massage. When massage therapist Sasinee asked me about any areas that needed specific attention, I mentioned that I’d been experiencing knee pain over the past few weeks. Sasinee explained to me that CBD oil is extremely effective in treating overworked muscles, arthritis, and inflammation. I left feeling incredible, and my knee pain has since subsided. I also slept better that night than I had in a long time.

In Other Wellness News:

If you want to try one or both of the services mentioned above, now is the time. This week (October 15th-21st) is Spa Week, when hundreds of spas and wellness locations across North America provide full-service treatments for just $50 each. Spa Week founder and CEO Cheryl Reid explained the concept to me: “The Spa Week event was born in 2004 with a simple idea: wellness should be available to the masses. I created the event as a way to improve the personal health and wellness of every consumer. Now, every April and October, hundreds of spas and wellness centers across America participate in Spa Week.”

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