Tips for Sleeping Easy

by Organic Spa Magazine

“At this moment in time, everyone wants to know their home is healthy,” says Robin Wilson, a New York-based eco-healthy interior designer who put the finishing touches on President Clinton’s Harlem office and the home of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Wilson launched the Robin Wilson Home Textiles Collection at Bed, Bath & Beyond this spring. The “classic with a modern touch” hypoallergenic cotton bedding, towels and bath rugs are easily washable and won’t outgas harmful chemicals. “People spend a third of their lives sleeping,” says Wilson, an ambassador for the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. “They don’t realize that waking up sneezing and wheezing or with bags under their eyes can be triggered by dust mites and other allergens in their bed. This is wellness for the way you live.”
Wilson offers the following tips for keeping your bedroom clean and healthy–for a great night’s sleep.
• Keep pets out of your sleeping area, if possible
• Dust the bedroom regularly
• Wash pillows every six months
• Wash the duvet cover at least once a month
• During allergy and asthma season (March to early June), keep bedroom windows closed
• Wash children’s stuffed animals often or freeze them in a large plastic bag for 48 hours to kill dust mites
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