Sheila Cluff’s Tips on Staying Fit

By Sheila Cluff / September 12, 2011

Tips on Staying Fit:

•  Choose a movement activity that is fun like walking, hiking, dancing, or skating. If it is fun, you are more apt to stay with it. Make it social—get a buddy, plan a reward like a visit to your favorite coffee shop after your 3-mile walk.

•  Write down your goals and the time of day best to work at them.

•  If you are a grandmother like I am, plan sports and fitness activities with your grandkids. As an example, Sophia, my nine-year-old granddaughter, started skating at five-years-old. We skate together every Tuesday for two hours and then go out for a healthy dinner. This helps to keep both of us fit.

•  If you have knee or hip problems, or some disease related to age, do not use it as an excuse not to move. Take a detour or find a different route to health. My new booklet, Sit, Strengthen & Stretch allows you to get a great workout sitting down.

•  Try water exercise or a stationary bicycle. Get a private trainer who can teach you how to stay fit in spire of your limitations.

•  Move, move, move!

•  For home equipment, I like the elliptical machine. It involves no pounding or stress on the joints, works your upper and lower body at the same time, gives you a great variety of workout opportunities and a fabulous aerobic workout. If your space is very limited, I suggest weights. Work up to 10 pounds, do core work, and walk!

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