Go with the Flow

by tina

“Kayaking is much more than a fun, physical outdoor activity. It’s also a unique opportunity to leave the stresses of daily life behind and rejuvenate in nature,” says Anna Levesque, Dagger-sponsored athlete, yoga teacher and founder of Girls at Play. (www.watergirlsatplay.com). “Since you’re powering your own boat you have control over how vigorous or relaxing you want your kayak outing to be. Whether you’re looking for a cardio workout, strength building for the core and upper body, or simply wanting a peaceful, relaxing float, a kayak is the perfect vehicle. And, you can choose to go out on your own, with friends or spend healthy, quality time with the whole family.”

Below are three boats, in order of price, to inspire.

Perception Tribe 9.5 ($495)

Easy to paddle, super stable sit-on-top kayak. This new model comes in vibrant colors and is perfect for just about any type of flat water to ocean waves to wide and slow moving rivers. Bonus: if you want a few for a spa or a family, they are stackable!

Wilderness Systems Pungo 120 ($825)

The Pungo isn’t new, but it’s a bestseller – for a reason. The Pungo is a very stable and easy to paddle ‘sit-in’ kayak with an oversized cockpit (opening where you sit in the kayak), making it beginner friendly, but with enough performance to keep as your skills develop. Relatively fast and very comfortable, this is a wonderful recreational and fitness boat for a new to intermediate paddler.

Perception Tribute 14.0 ($995)

The Tribute is a touring boat designed for a smaller sized paddler and the proportions of most women. Every detail has been carefully attended to for comfort and ease of paddling. The Tribute is stable and agile for a confident beginner, but will equally please the more advanced paddler with speed and agility. Very lightweight and easy to manage on and off land. For more info, check out www.watergirlsatplay.com and www.perceptionkayaks.com and www.wildernesssystems.com

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