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Up on the Roof

by Sandra Ramani

At The Confidante, in Miami Beach, crystals rule the rooftop spa.

There’s no shortage of bling being displayed in Miami, but our favorite shiny things can be found hidden away in the intimate rooftop spa at The Confidante, a friendly, design savvy hotel set on a scenic stretch of Miami Beach.

There, in the beach-chic treatment cabins, guests can indulge in the Customized Crystal Massage Journey, a relaxing and centering ritual infused with different forms of sparkly, healing gemstones. 

The experience starts with guests picking the crystal and corresponding intention that most resonate with them: clear crystal for focus, clarity and high energy; rose quartz for trust, self-care and clear communication; or amethyst for calming, detoxing and increased intuition.

The therapist will then perform a personalized body massage using the chosen crystal, a nourishing oil and—for a gentle, invigorating rolling effect —a small crystal medicine ball.

An elixir ceremony featuring crystals and Bulgarian rose water tops off the treatment, which leaves you refreshed and ready to head off into the twinkling Miami night—or just continue relaxing around the hotel’s cabana-ringed pool. hyatt.com

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