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Healthy Fast Food

by Organic Spa Magazine

Not everyone is a natural cook, and, though it isn’t hard to learn, some people don’t want to, or just don’t have the time or the knack. But that doesn’t mean anyone needs to sacrifice eating healthy meals. 

For anyone who has tried to find ways to make cooking easier and avoid takeout every night by signing up for a meal service like Blue Apron or Sunbasket—where you are sent ingredients and a recipe, and you put it together yourself—you’ll want to know about Tovala. It’s an all-in-one oven and meal service company that may just be a game-changer!

According to David Rabie, cofounder and CEO of Tovala, “When I was a freshman in college, my dad took me on a health retreat which initially got me interested in healthy eating. When you’re eating clean, you tend to prepare a lot of your own meals, which I continued to do throughout grad school. One Sunday night, I was boiling rice on the stove, using a steamer basket for broccoli, roasting sweet potatoes, sautéing tofu, and making a salad. When juggling basically five different appliances and techniques to make one meal, I thought that there had to be an easier and faster way to cook without sacrificing quality.”

So he brought in Chief Culinary Officer Alexander Plotkin from top restaurants Alinea and Noma to invent recipes, and created a steam combination oven, along with fresh, ready-to-cook meals (with raw meats and produce) packed in trays. The trays bake, steam or broil in the oven, after you scan a simple code. Eh, voila! Dinner is served. tovala.com

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