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From Roxy to Quiksilver to Billabong, surf culture has ridden a wave of influence in the fashion industry. Jane and Will Fowler, a surfer couple based in Solana Beach, California, stumbled on a way to give surfboards a stylish eco-afterlife, too. One day Will found a few damaged, discarded boards on the beach. He brought one home, thinking he might repair it, but instead decided to up-cycle it into something he’d been wanting to build: an outdoor shower. Then Jane’s ingenuity kicked in. An artist who works in mosaics, she attached broken bits of glass as an overlay to give the board a funky second skin. Friends loved it, the boards began to sell and that is how the Fowlers’ business, Sustainable + Functional + Art, took off. The Fowlers now create custom outdoor surfboard showers (this one is called “Shattered”) and sculpture, full-time. With a simple hookup to a garden hose, the surf showers are easy to move around. A portion of every sale is donated to a philanthropic cause.

—Lily Nikolai

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