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Recycling Shower & Washer Water

by Kelly Forrest

Grey water- what is it and why does it matter? Grey water is wastewater that is typically generated from domestic activities such as laundry, dishwashing and bathing. The good thing about grey water is that it is easier to treat then “black water” or sewage water, meaning that it can be recycled on site for irrigation usage or recycled back into household water systems. Grey water recycling is eco-friendly because it lowers freshwater extraction from rivers and aquifers, has less impact from septic tank and treatment plant infrastructures and provides nutrition to topsoil and increased plant growth, making it the perfect water system for the Rocky River Green Home.

Beverly Maloney-Fischback and her husband David Fischback know the importance of implementing of a grey water system. As founder and CEO of Organic Spa Magazine, Bev knows the significance of eco-friendly and sustainable practices while her husband David (President of Krill Construction) helps with the logistical side of the system. This combination (along with a very knowledgeable plumber) makes it possible for a custom grey water treatment system in the RRGH that will allow for the water from the ASKO washing machine and upstairs showers to feed into backyard irrigation and supply two of the toilets in the house with water.

ASKO washing machine and dryer were chosen for the house because of their efficiency and overall low environmental impact. “All ASKO dishwashers and laundry equipment are environmentally friendly. Some say we were ‘green’ before ‘green’ was cool- our factory is one of a select few that are certified ISO14001 for environmental manufacturing practices” says Don Prevette, ASKO Eastern Regional Sales Manager.

All ASKO washing machines measure the level of moisture and dirt and automatically adjust water level and washing time needed, keeping wastewater to a minimum. What makes these products particularly sustainable is the amount of water and electricity they use compared to other appliances. ASKO washers use as little at 6.6 gallons of water compared to the average 40 gallons for conventional top-loading washers, making it the perfect fit for the Rocky River Green Home.

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