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by Mary Tjotjos

Rachel Hutson, MyHempRx

Rachel has spent the last 3.5 years at NF Skin enhancing talent acquisition, and developing organizational structure to be more automated, people-centered, and to impact growth more effectively. During this time, she has also overseen the development of various successful CBD brand launches and has been the lead NF Skin representative at multiple industry-wide trade exhibitions. In 2020 she codirected both the rebranding of the company’s private label website NFSkin.com and the development of its CBD marketplace MyHempRx.com. Rachel passionately deploys her training in dramatic arts from the University of Southern California to craft storytelling content that naturally deepens the brand values of NF Skin, MyHempRx and CBD house brands Kali Hemp, Regiment Pro Series, and LIV SKIN.  
When she’s not busy innovating at NF Skin, she may be found studying HR Management at UCLA, throwing pottery at her friend's studio, or hiking with her loved ones.