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Quite a Brew

by Organic Spa Magazine

I had heard about Potion Adaptogenic Brews, the new chilled brewed tea and botanical superfood beverages that are taking the natural products industry by storm. But I wasn’t prepared for my reaction when I cracked open the top of the glass bottle and took a slug. “This is DELICIOUS,” I stopped and exclaimed to myself, before I even made it out of the kitchen.

And that is exactly the point. “Flavor is everything,” says Nick Williams, cofounder, Potion Adaptogenic Brews. “A lot of the beverages in today’s market are almost trying to out-weird each other,” he says, “and we wanted to prove superfoods can taste delicious.”

Williams and the Potion team set out to create a healthy, refreshing drink loaded with adaptogens like astragalus, chaga and reishi mushrooms, as well as herbs, fruits and flowers, like elderberry, hibiscus, cranberry and more. The label design is clean, simple and appealing. And what Williams says is true: There is a glut of healthy drinks out there that are top-loaded with adaptogens and superfoods, but what many—if not most—are lacking, is a really good taste.

This healing Potion is USDA-certified organic, vegan, keto- friendly and relies on natural sweeteners. There are three flavors— Evolved Sweet Tea, a black tea blend with lemonade, infused with reishi and chaga mushrooms and astragalus root; Cosmic Blueberry, with organic blueberry puree, citrus and adaptogenic superfoods; and Mystic Hibiscus, with hibiscus, cranberry, elderberry, reishi mushroom and astragalus root—with more in the pipeline.

“While some of our cofounders lived a life of eating everything healthy under the sun, others grew up on Betty Crocker,” says Williams. “In the R&D (Research & Development) kitchen it was mandatory that team members from earthy or organic backgrounds and otherwise thought every Brew was delicious.”

It’s really good for you, it tastes really good and you feel really good after you drink it. Almost good enough to make you believe that Williams & Co. have conjured up a magic Potion. potionbrews.com

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