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Primavera, the German purveyor of natural skin care and aromatherapy products, proudly displays its commitment to sustainability with its new headquarters in the foothills of Germany’s Alpine region. Celebrating its 25th anniversary, the company has moved into a sustainable and entirely carbon-neutral facility with solar power, infrared heating, LED lighting and sustainable building materials in Oy-Mittelberg. “During construction, ecological and economic factors were given equal consideration,” says Primavera director and co-founder Kurt Nübling. “The special honeycomb structure used for concrete surfaces saved 20 percent on steel and concrete, representing a carbon dioxide savings of 170 tons!” Primavera was the first company in the world to certify its entire line of beauty and skincare products with NATRUE — an international nonprofit organization that verifies cosmetics manufacturers’ “natural” and “organic” claims. With special attention and respect for the healing powers of plants, Primavera calls upon the power of plant oils to enhance and nourish your skin and senses.

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