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Post-Thanksgiving Detox Tips

by Chloe Wallace
Body Detox

The turkey may be gone and Thanksgiving has officially wrapped up, but your body may still be reeling from the effects of too many fulfilling meals and rich foods. These detox tips will help to get your body back on track and prepared for even more holiday meals as the season continues.

1. Drink Water It may seem obvious, but most people don’t drink the recommended eight glasses of water in their day. Also try adding organic lemon, raw apple cider vinegar, cucumber or mint to your water to make it more detoxifying.

2. Add Turmeric Root to your Diet Joy McCarthy of Joyous Health blog takes turmeric supplements everyday—it is a “detox superfood”—but also tries to incorporate it in her diet through teas, lattes and other recipes. Additional supplements great for detox include probiotics and milk thistle.

3. Sweat You naturally get rid of toxins in your body by sweating, so make sure you’re working out often or hitting the sauna.

4. Eat “Detox Foods” Avoid chemical additives and processed food and instead try to get organic product whenever possible. The Organic Beauty Blog lists these foods as the top 10 detoxing foods: leafy green vegetables, lemons, watercress, garlic, green tea, broccoli sprouts, sesame seeds, cabbage, psyllium and fruit! Also check out 12 Essential Superfoods for Detox.

Incorporate these yummy detoxifying recipes in your diet!

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