Plants for a Better Sleep

by Edward Habat

A busy lifestyle can make it a challenge to unwind properly each night. Stress, anxiety and poor air quality may all contribute to a difficult time drifting off each night, but there may be a simple solution: plants that can clean the air and help you sleep!

We found four gorgeous and easy-to-care for plants that will spruce up your bedroom décor, help you beat back insomnia and boost the quality of your sleep. Make sure to keep these plants next to the bed, or somewhere in your bedroom.


Lavender has been popular for over 2500 years, and remains that way today. Recently, researchers found that test-subjects felt more refreshed after their normal sleep cycles when exposed to the plant over a two-week period.

Tip: Make sure to keep this vibrant flora near a window and water thoroughly, but not often.


The calming effects found in many prescription medicines may be obtainable without any of the side effects, according to one study that compares the scent of this nocturnal-bloom with the potency of Valium.

Tip: These plants have a “resting period” during the wintertime, so be sure to avoid keeping them in direct sunlight or over-watering.


Cleaner air can improve sleep quality tremendously, and aloe has the added bonus of being a NASA-approved houseplant for cleaner air. As an added benefit, you can use the extra leaves for a soothing skincare remedy.

Tip: These spiny shrubs are easy to take care of—like cacti, they need very little water and should be kept in a well-lit area.


Anxiety is a major hurdle in maintaining healthy sleeping habits, but researchers from a University in Germany have found the scent of gardenias can produce a calming effect on both humans and mice.

Tip: Though requiring a bit more attention, these plants can thrive in a humid environment with daily watering.

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