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Five Tips on Just Doing Nothing

by Organic Spa Magazine

An important part of wellness is self-care, and one way of the best ways to take care of yourself is to rest, relax and just doing nothing. You may be wondering, “Is it even possible? Wouldn’t that be boring?”

Yes. And no. Doing nothing can be a great way to break away from the stress of everyday life. Check out these five tips to help you achieve peace of mind through doing nothing.

1. Set time aside

Step one of doing nothing is to set aside a certain amount of time to do so. It can be easy to go overboard and want to do nothing all day. However, this can cause even more stress due to ignoring responsibilities. To combat this, set a timer or alarm that will alert you when your time is up. This ensures you won’t be watching the clock and can truly not think about anything.

2. Power down your devices

It can be tempting to glance at your phone or computer while trying to do nothing. Social media may be calling your name but resist temptation by unplugging and disconnecting for a period of time. You may find that you are more relaxed when you are not constantly checking notifications.

3. Meditate

Meditation can clear your mind. Find a quiet, comfortable spot where you won’t be distracted. Devote even five or 10 minutes to following your breath.

4. Take a bath

Treat yourself to a bath spiked with natural plant oils or bath salts.

5. Just breathe

If you don’t have a lot of time to spend doing nothing, just taking a few minutes out of your day to focus on your breath can help your wellness. Breathe in for four counts, then breathe out for eight. Try this throughout the day and notice how peaceful you feel afterward.

At first the thought of doing nothing may make you nervous or restless. Just remember, this does not mean you are being unproductive. You are taking to time for self-care, which helps you be more productive and happy, and will improve your daily life.

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