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Plant Meditation

by Organic Spa Magazine

The Miraval Collection, made by Laurel Skin, a new partnership between Laurel Skin and Miraval, is a match made in whole-plant heaven.

Created by Laurel Shaffer, a former sommelier turned herbalist and founder of Laurel Skin, the collection is built on hyperlocal, organic and biodynamic ingredients, regionally sourced at each of the three Miraval destinations—Tucson, Austin, and the newest, in the Berkshires.

Shaffer’s signature is 100 percent whole plants and flowers picked at their peak, sourced from small organic and biodynamic farms, to yield the most energetically potent formulations.

“Regenerative farming is what inspired me,” says Shaffer, who launched her eponymous brand 12 years ago. “No one was talking about where the ingredients came from, and the importance of being totally transparent about sourcing.”

Shaffer began work on The Miraval Collection, made by Laurel Skin, after pioneering Slow Beauty for over a decade. She traveled to each Miraval to identify plants that grow abundantly in each region, and then collaborated with local farmers, herbalists and distillers to create the collection for Miraval, with each product— and the Essence of Miraval signature facial—“meant to create a skin ritual,” she says.

According to Shaffer, it is always important to “let the ingredients from each region speak for themselves.” For Miraval Austin, the Petal Pecan Mask features yaupon, pink primrose flower, raw honey from the Miraval Cypress Creek Farm, and, of course, the namesake pecans. Wolfberry Chia Serum, created for Miraval Tucson, draws from locally cultivated chia and prickly pear seeds, jojoba and infusions of wolfberry, mesquite and desert willow. The newest, for Miraval Berkshires, showcases the Tulsi Rose Balm with local rose; forest nettle and pine; and yarrow, comfrey and tulsi, grown by local Sawmill Herb Farm and Foxtrot Farm.

“The idea of The Miraval Collection, made by Laurel Skin, is one of mindfulness,” Shaffer says, “and the partnership with Miraval is built on that shared foundation.”

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