Create A Personal Manifesto

This column is about leadership. Why is it a good idea to adopt a personal manifesto of conscious leadership? It is the best way to stay true to yourself and live your life’s values on a daily basis. From a practical standpoint, it’s also a convenient and efficient way to operate.

Adopting a thoughtful and strategic manifesto gives you the courage to look in the mirror knowing that you’ll feel good about who is looking back. Getting to that point starts with a commitment to really know oneself, identify personal values and use that knowledge as a roadmap for making decisions along life’s way. It takes time, but it provides the basis for moving forward as a model of conscious leadership. And it’s never too late.

Getting to know yourself and tapping into your passions, strengths, gifts and purpose is worth the investment. It can make the difference between feeling like a cork bobbing on the sea and navigating life’s waves knowing you’ll right yourself again no matter how rough those waters may be.

The better I know myself, the truer my intentions and actions are, and the greater is my success. Over time, living this way is actually easier. When you adopt a manifesto of conscious leadership, you react to life’s challenges by naturally testing them against it. No angst, hand-wringing, or migraines while you grapple with an uncomfortable issue. You can move forward proactively toward goals that align with your values.


Here are a few benchmarks to consider.

· Can you think, feel and act as one, free of disharmony or incongruence? If so, you can practice conscious leadership, reacting to daily demands with integrity. When our thoughts, feelings and actions are out of alignment, we forfeit conscious leadership.

· Thinking, feeling and acting as one is easier to say than do. Why? Because we need to summon the courage of our convictions. Conscious leaders are willing to pay the price of being disliked for who they are rather than succumbing to the desire to be liked.

· If you ask the right questions and give honest answers to the person in the mirror, you will be true to yourself, paving the way toward conscious leadership, a more fulfilling and comfortable way to live.


MARK WUTTKE heads Wuttke Group, a business development consultancy specializing in natural, organic and sustainable spa and boutique retail with an emphasis on the luxury market. He works closely with LOHAS, Green Spa Network and Natural Beauty Summit in the United States and Europe. 

Mark Wuttke

Mark Wuttke

Principle at Wuttke Group, LLC
Mark Wuttke heads the Wuttke Group, LLC, a globally recognized business development solutions company specializing in authentic green, healthy wellness, regenerative sustainability, and conscience leadership. The Wuttke Group has partnered with many of the leading natural and organic personal care houses, overseeing brand development and global distribution strategy. Mark’s experience includes over 20 years as President/CEO in the USA and Australia within the wellness sector and over 15 years on numerous boards in green industries.
Mark Wuttke

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