Oprah’s Personal Trainer: July 4th Summer Travel

by Nicole Dorsey Straff

There’s one souvenir you don’t want to bring home from your summer vacation: extra flab around the middle.  In fact, you might even be able to shed some weight on your next vaca, kick back and still have tons of fun, according to exercise physiologist Bob Greene. In his diet book “The Best Life Diet,” Greene explores your custom daily motivations during summer vacation, helps you track calories and offers up slimming new recipes.

Bring a snack stash: Whether you travel by car or plan to fly or take a train, forgo fatty gas station fare and bring along healthier options for the open road. Pack a cooler with low-fat or fat-free yogurt, fruit and veggies, string cheese and bottled water. You’ll save calories, cash and travel time, says Greene. “Make your own trail mix before you leave the house, too.”

Pack wisely: On the bottom of every suitcase, bring along sneakers, a sports bra, running shoes, a jump rope, plus your favorite workout DVD. That way you’ll be able to sneak in exercise during any downtime. Load up on active apps before you leave the house too.

Find a gym: If you have a choice, opt for a hotel with a fitness center and a pool for swimming laps. If there’s no gym in your hotel, ask the front desk about local yoga or Pilates studios. Ask for discounted rates or complimentary passes when you check in.

See the sites. Try to schedule at least one active vacation outing, like a local biking tour, a day hike or even a round of golf. Paddle boats and paddle boarding or surf lessons are great for friends and family, and for meeting new adventurous friends, too.

Greene said, “Losing weight this summer shouldn’t be about counting calories or deprivation because eating nutritiously shouldn’t be a chore. Rather, make smarter choices that fit into your lifestyle, whether you’re on vacation or staying home.”

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