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Opening the Heart to Healing

by Mary Beth Janssen
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Researchers have explored the heart’s ability to metabolize harmony, peace, and love. Studies show that we possess incredible healing capabilities when we learn to open our heart.

At the Institute of HeartMath, researchers had people focus on feelings of love and appreciation whenever they began to feel angry, frustrated, anxious, depressed. After one month, the participants’ levels of DHEA, an anti-aging hormone, had increased 100 percent. Levels of cortisol, a stress hormone, decreased by 23 percent. It was also found that 80 percent of study participants experienced slowed breathing rates, and their hearts became synchronized with their breathing.

In a control group, there were no physical or hormonal changes. The researchers concluded: “There are a lot of implications for health. With feelings of love, the inner systems synchronize. That affects your cardiovascular system, immune system, your hormones, and even cognitive performance.”

Heart-Opening Ritual

This is just one of many techniques that can harmonize, balance, and heal the cardiovascular system, and, in turn, our body and mind.

When you feel stressful emotions, direct your attention to your heart, and conjure a feeling of gratitude and loving kindness for yourself, another person, or an experience.

Sustain these feelings and continue to send this positive energy to yourself and/or outward. Take deep cleansing breaths and bathe in your heart vibrations, which are sending out love and warmth. Your heart, your body, and your mind will begin to release and let go of held tension. You’ll feel a tremendous sense of well-being.

Depression, stress, hostility, grief, and social isolation all impact our cardiac health. It has been proven that people who have no emotional support are poorest in heart health. We need to learn to reach out and connect with others in order to heal ourselves physically and spiritually.

So surround yourself with lavender essential oil, breathe deeply, and contemplate putting a little extra love in your heart! Go to theheartfoundation.org and heart.org for more info as needed.

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