By Sandra Ramani / September 14, 2011


Elizabeth W Sleep Mask

Made of 100 percent silk, these adjustable light-blocking masks come in eye-catching, spring-inspired fabrics like Blossom, Butterfly, and the bold fuchsia Poppy. www.elizabethw.com


It’s so ingenious, we’re surprised no one thought of it before. This sleek nylon bag unzips to reveal an oversized (50-inch x 60-inch) micro-fleece blanket and an inflatable pillow. Once blown up, the pillow pops back into the bag, which is lined with micro-fleece to double as a soft pillowcase (it also fits standard airplane pillows). The nylon shell is water- and stain-repellant, it’s all machine washable, and there’s an exterior compartment for travel documents—plus, it can be worn as a bag or strapped on to your suitcase. Available in solid colors or splashy polka-dot or zebra prints. www.planecomfort.net

Organic Aromatherapy Sticks

Available separately or as a set with compact travel case, each of these four roll-on, certified organic essential oil serums delivers a specific result: Sleep soothes the mind and encourages slumber with lavender and cedarwood; Peace promotes deep breathing with bergamot, eucalyptus, and spearmint; Relief tackles tension and headaches with peppermint; and Energy gives you a boost with a gentle citrus mix. Apply on wrists or temples, then breathe in. www.bathbybettijo.com

Complete Support Travel Pillow

To be honest, we’ve never been big fans of those U-shaped, airport-store travel pillows, which can be stiff and inflexible, don’t provide total support, and often result in cricked necks. But this version from California-based Complete Support has changed the game. Made of thick, mushy memory foam, with a removable and washable plush velour cover, the pillow features a second, raised ring of cushion so that the entire neck is supported (no more tilting your head sideways to reach the pillow), plus an adjustable toggled strap to ensure a custom fit. The foam meshes against the plane seat so your neck isn’t pushed forward, and there’s even a pocket for mp3 players, two included foam earplugs, and a waterproof carrying case. www.completesupportpillow.com




Using advanced blue LED technology (with energy-saving bulbs that last up to 50 years), this portable device will help to naturally increase your energy levels while on the road. When used for 15 to 45 minutes a day, depending on your needs, the light—which mimics the blue tone of the summer sky—has clinically proven to improve moods; all you have to do is set the timer and brightness level, and you can do other things like work on the computer or watch TV while the light shines nearby. The compact, flat machine comes with rechargeable batteries and a carrying case. www.amazon.com

Aromatherapy Neroli Water

When it comes to relaxing scents, lavender may steal the spotlight, but neroli—made from bitter orange blossom—is just as potent in helping to soothe anxiety and uplift the spirit. Spray this floral water on your face for post-flight hydration, and on hotel bedding to create a warm, nurturing space. www.kerstinflorianusa.com

ChicBoom Speaker iPod Case

Block out hotel noise, and set the stage for a peaceful sleep with your favorite downtime tunes. This cute, compact iPod case (which fits slimline Nanos and other small mp3 players) cleverly doubles as a speaker; songs sound crystal clear, and there are no bulky wires or accessories to cart along. www.chicbuds.com

Muscle Care Pillow

Created by Toronto-based chiropractor Dr. Chris Oswald, this form-fitting headrest eases the symptoms of headaches and neck, shoulder and back pain. The pillow is made of non-toxic, allergen-resistant pneumatic foam, which retains almost 99 percent of its height over one year (other foam pillows can sink by up to 55 percent). The full-size Personal version has a unique riser system for customizing the height and level of support, while the pillow-only Hotel version is a little smaller; both are equally portable. www.muscleandback.com

Sandra Ramani

Sandra Ramani

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