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By Ellen Swandiak / September 7, 2011

Eco decor to bring your home to the next level:

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1. French Artistry

Generations of artisans have handed down the knowledge for making these dishes, from the site the clay is chosen, to the stoneware’s glass-like finish. Like real flowers, each piece is slightly different and brings a note of handcrafted elegance to your table. The Plume series from Jars Ceramics in white, aqua or indigo can be found in better china stores online, and cost approximately: Dinner Plate, $45; Soup Plate, $37; Dessert Plate, $35; Serving Bowl, $74. If subtlety is not your thing, check out the website for other fine designs in breathtaking brights, sultry earth tones, and soothing charcoals. Available online at Bloomingdale’s and Didriks.

2. Stone Walled

Consider Venetian Plaster next time you are ready to paint. Composed of 99 percent natural lime, it is one of the most natural products you can put on your walls. Lime is the only stone that can be ground and liquefied, and after it’s applied, return to stone. No off-gassing occurs, and the high-alkaline content acts as a natural anti-mold agent. An advantage in warmer climates, it also absorbs humidity and helps keep rooms cool. Venetian Plaster comes in any color and can be shiny, flat, rough, or smooth. If you live in the New York area, contact the artisans of The Alpha Workshops, who excel in this process. This not-for-profit organization, known in the design world, trains and employs people living with HIV/AIDS in the decorative arts. (Photo credit: Andrew French)


3. Windblown

Meet Eddy, a sleek, sculptural wind turbine designed to power a typical American home with average wind speed of just over 10 miles per hour. It can take wind from any direction, be assembled in under an hour and is known for its silent operation. Whether mounted on a pole or your roof, you will be making a statement in your neighborhood—and saving money at the same time, since any excess energy gets sold back to the local power company. $3,879, (Urban Green Energy also offers five-year financing from $75.41 per month with a 20 percent deposit.)

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4. Set a Serene Scene

Dinah Coops has created a line of hand-screened minimalist-style napkins with natural forms and abstract lines. Only water-based inks are used on un-dyed, 100 percent linen which is naturally anti-bacterial, non-allergenic, and antistatic. $32,

5. Fire Showcase

Light up in style with Q, an indoor/outdoor portable fireplace, fueled by alcohol made from sugarcane, potatoes, bananas, beetroot, and cereals. Ecosmart Fireplaces require no installation or ventilation, as the denatured alcohol burns clean. Check out their website to see a huge array of designs, some which can be integrated into new construction.

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6. Design Royalty

This limited-edition set of placemats, inspired by the city of Venice, create the basis of an exquisite table. Studio Jason Brown has collaborated with a fourth-generation lace maker to create the intricate, debossed pattern. White patent leather fronts wipe down easily, and the Maharam felt backing creates a protective layer. When not in use, they stack neatly in their holder. This unique treasure can sit on your table for $1,250. There is also a matching set of coasters for $250,

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