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Wise Woman

by Celia Shatzman

On the eve of Naturopathica’s 20th anniversary, founder Barbara Close launches an inspiring new line called Wise Concoctions.
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When Barbara Close founded Naturopathica 20 years ago, she wanted to create a skincare line that inspired healthy lifestyles, based on innovative natural products and wellness education. “Our center resembled a European herbal apothecary with bulk herbs, tinctures and topical remedies,” Close recalls. “We were ahead of our time.”
Now, as a continuation of her journey down that path, Close is launching Wise Concoctions, a brand-new venture. “Wise Concoctions is an innovative modern collection of herbal remedies and wellness rituals based on traditional healing practices from around the world, which speaks to the heritage of Naturopathica,” she says.
With its focus on living well, the Wise Concoctions collection aims to reconnect us with natural healing and to tackle chronic conditions. “So many people suffer from chronic imbalances that are a result of our 24/7 lifestyle, from eczema to migraines and IBS,” she says. “Since there isn’t a magic pill to cure these imbalances, Wise Concoctions offers alternative healing techniques, from magnesium bath flakes to combat sore muscles and fatigue to aromatherapy inhalations and mind-body techniques to help relieve stress.”
The chronic issues the Collection is addressing are muscle and joint health, stress relief, natural immunity and women’s wellness, as those were the most common needs expressed by clients at Naturopathica Healing Arts Center in East Hampton, NY, as well as the brand’s spa partners.
“Nutritional medicine, herbal remedies and mind-body techniques can improve all these areas,” says Close, who has learned that even the most ancient ingredients can help treat modern ills. “I found that many of these ailments were based on an empowerment issue. Instead of turning to the doctor to solve an imbalance, you should listen to your inner compass and take an active role in your own healing.”MA15_wise woman_inline2
Jump start your morning by opting for an energizing oil blend like “Re-Boot” or “Inspire” to increase the body’s resistance to stress and improve self-confidence. Or, wind down your day by rubbing two drops of “Meditation” or “Chill” between your palms before hitting the yoga mat in the evening to relax and practice mindfulness.
One of Close’s personal favorites is the Sweet Birch Deep Muscle Rub and Sweet Birch Magnesium Bath Flakes. “Sweet birch, a warming oil traditionally used by Native Americans for pain-relieving qualities, is one of the most effective remedies for decreasing inflammation associated with overworked muscles and joints,” she explains. “Paired with magnesium, a critical mineral for decreasing inflammation by regulating the electrical impulses in the body, these products are perfect for yogis, runners and all athletes who experience chronic pain and soreness.”
The offerings from Wise Concoctions will continue to expand throughout the year. “I plan to introduce single-note essential oils, as well as ingestibles such as herbal-fortified honey, teas and herbal tinctures,” Close says. “Also in the works is the Well-Being Deck, with recipes and rituals that help individuals practice a healthy lifestyle.”

Special Ingredients

“Each Wise Concoction tells a story of the traditional use of key ingredients,” says Barbara Close. Here are a few:
Gotu Kola Speeds up wound-healing by stimulating collagen synthesis and reducing inflammation.
Arnica Montana Great for muscle trauma and acute soreness.
Siberian Ginseng Forms a film on the skin to tighten and smooth.
Horse chestnut Treats varicose veins, carpal tunnel and lower leg edema.

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