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by Martha Smith

What to do when your skin throws up flares
Stubborn skin conditions may require somewhat more muscular ingredients than most natural beauties are used to. But those ingredients are still less problematic than prescription drugs or traditional OTC medications. They can also work faster and even, in many cases, provide a more effective solution. Here are our A-list solutions for common skin flare-ups.


MA15_natural skin remedies_inline2-revised imagederma e Psorzema Crème The flaky, scaly skin that can be a symptom of eczema or psoriasis is traditionally treated with coal tar, steroids or hydrocortisone, but if used faithfully, this new cream with vitamins A and E, and extracts of neem, burdock, bearberry and others that you’ve never heard of will provide relief. dermae.com
CapriClear 100% Coconut Oil Spray All Natural Moisturizer It carries the Seal of Acceptance from the National Eczema Association, which means that it has been vetted as an effective skin soother for eczemaic skin. If used assiduously, this coconut oil spray may also help to fade stretch marks. capriclear.com


Skinfix Body Repair Balm For the dry, cracked, itchy skin that can be a symptom of dermatitis, this soothing balm, with colloidal oatmeal, is not only free of fragrance and steroids, it is water-free, too, since water can sometimes exacerbate cracking skin conditions. skinfixinc.com
One Love Organics Skin Savior This is a great product to have on hand, since it does so many good things. Loaded with organic coconut oil, mango seed butter and soothing oat extract, it will cleanse and soothe super dry skin and calm flakiness and inflammation. The ultimate multi-purpose balm! oneloveorganics.com
Hemp Seed Oil A recent Finnish study on the effects of hemp seed oil on the symptoms of atopic dermatitis showed a 30 percent decrease in skin dryness and 40 percent decrease in itchiness. Try a spoonful of hemp seeds—loaded with omegas—on your yogurt, or hempseed oil in your smoothie or on salad. Try: Nutiva Hempseed, nutiva.com; Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts, manitobaharvest.com


Columbia Antiseptic Powder Toenail fungus is tenacious. It is often treated with antifungal prescription drugs, which can be potentially damaging to the liver and kidneys, especially as the course of treatment is very long. Laser is another treatment option, but it can be expensive. Antifungal nail polish can be sensitizing. This antiseptic powder—applied after a bath or shower, or mixed with water and applied directly as a paste—has been an easy and effective go-to for over 135 years.
“While the blending of phenol and zinc oxide does result in a potent antibacterial compound, it also creates a highly efficacious antifungal component,” says Steve Rosenfeld, president, F.C. Sturtevant Company. “In this case it is the resulting zinc phenate which successfully treats fungal infections including toenail fungus and athlete’s foot.” For maximum effect in treating toenail fungal infections, daily treatment for up to six months is necessary—not nearly as long as a course of prescription medication. columbiaskincares.com


CV Skinlabs Calming Moisture This non-irritating super cream will soothe skin that’s been compromised after chemotherapy, microdermabrasion, laser treatments and chemical peels, with extracts of turmeric, mushroom, oat kernel, green tea leaf, aloe, squalane, sunflower seed oil and more. Also works wonders on really dry, sensitive skin and scalp. cvskinlabs.com


Anakiri Restore Propolis Balm Even a bad burn will be soothed by this cream, with antibacterial and antiviral bee propolis, which also soothes itchy insect bites and skin irritations. Truly a miracle in a tube! anakiri.com


Jindilli Scar Pen After a wound has closed, this potent blend of macadamia nut and tamanu seed oils, if used regularly, twice daily, will help to soften and fade scars. jindilli.com


MA15_natural skin remedies_inline3
Cocovit Coconut Oil Containing one ingredient—USDA certified organic raw coconut oil—this omega-packed product, loaded with potent enzymes, is an uber-moisturizer that will also soothe sensitivity reactions and nourish sensitive, depleted, weakened skin. cocovit.co
Everclen Face Cream and Everclen Body Lotion Super-sensitive skin is sometimes aligned with eczema, sometimes not. But if you have it, you know how reactive your skin can be to ingredients that you probably already avoid (parabens, phthalates, petroleum derivatives, fragrances) as well as other natural ingredients that may sensitize your skin (certain essential oils). These super-gentle products really pull through for you! everclen.com

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