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Natural Melt-proof Makeup

by Organic Spa Magazine

Summer is the season for makeup meltdowns.

But there’s no reason why natural beauty products can’t be melt-proof for the sultry summer season. As long as you choose the right product, and apply it with good technique, you can say goodbye to makeup mess-ups during the summer. Here are three tips and tricks to make your organic based makeup sweat proof all summer.

Perfect with Primer

“It all starts with the base,” says Cleveland-based makeup artist Kori Seniv. “Prepare your skin with a primer to create a smooth surface that holds your makeup in place all day.” Primers are lightweight, so they won’t feel heavy and congest the skin, perfect for the summer months. They come in various formulas so they can benefit a range of skin types.

+ Try Vapour Organic Beauty, Stratus Soft Focus Instant Perfector

Sun-Kissed Skin

Enhance your summer glow with a bit of bronzer. During the summer ditch the powders and opt for a cream bronzer instead. “Creams stick to the surface and smooth into the skin, while powders can create a cakey look,” Seniv says.

+ Try W3ll People, Bio Bronzer Cream Chubby Stick

Spritz and Set

Rather than dusting your face with setting powder, try a spray to increase the longevity of your makeup. “Setting sprays give your skin a boost of hydration while making your makeup budge proof,” Seniv Says. Unlike setting powder, setting sprays don’t cake making them a preferable choice in the summer.

+ Try Osea Malibu, Sea Vitamin Boost

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