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Mother’s Day Gifts From Ten Thousand Villages

by Michael Lyndall

Finding an original and meaningful gift can be difficult on Mother’s Day. For something that does both, try a beautiful hand-crafted item from Ten Thousand Villages, an online store that brings artisanal work from all around the globe into one shop.
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Ten Thousand Villages buys 100 percent of its products from fair trade organizations, artisanal collectives and advocacy associations that all support disadvantaged workers in developing countries. Their mission is to help lift people out of poverty by giving value to their traditional artisanal crafts.

Therefore, you can know that while you’re giving mom a beautiful gift, you are also providing a mother in Vietnam with the means to send her children to school, or disabled workers in Kenya with an earned income despite their limited employment opportunities.

Here are some pretty gifts from Ten Thousand Villages to consider this Mother’s Day.

Blue Spiral Vase

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Made in a renowned Vietnamese pottery village using century-old traditions, this vase’s intricate design was painted by hand and high-fired for strength and durability.

Marble Jewelry Box

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This luxurious marble box features a velvet lining that is expertly crafted by stone artisans and woods craftsman from Karachi, Pakistan. 

Daisy Chain Necklace

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The delicate silver petals make this necklace an eye-catching statement piece. Crafted from primarily women artisans in the Delhi/Uttar Pradesh region in India, this item supports gender equality and empowerment.

Beautiful Body Care Kit

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Also handmade in India, this body care kit make a great natural gift. The soap bars are scented with cucumber and coconut, as well as a natural fiber scrubber. These bars are crafted by CAST, an advocacy group that provides employment and healthcare to women affected by HIV and AIDs. 

Robin’s Egg Necklace

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Made of beautiful hand-made ceramic beads and painted a Robin’s egg blue, this necklace is a perfect compliment to her springtime wardrobe. The artisans who create this piece are members of the Jacaranda Workshop, a nonprofit located in Nairobi, Kenya that provides its workers with financial assistance for housing, bus fare, and supplements for severe disabilities.

Coffee Candle

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If mom is a coffee lover, consider this delightful and aromatic little gift that will. The coffee candle is handmade in Honduras II and benefits the cooperative Candelas La Luciemaga (“Firefly Candles”), a nonprofit organization dedicated to the empowerment and welfare of women.

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