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The Mind Body Spirit Network: Q&A With Sallie Fraenkel

by Organic Spa Magazine

Photo caption: Founder Sallie Fraenkel, center

The Mind Body Spirit Network

When Sallie Fraenkel, former CMO & COO of SpaFinder, and EVP of the Global Spa and Wellness Summit, left last year to launch The Mind Body Spirit Network (mindbodyspiritnet.com), it seemed like a no-brainer to those in the spa industry who know and love her.

A talented connector, networker, marketer and wellness aficionado, Fraenkel is now bringing people together “around activities to expand our minds, engage our bodies and enrich our spirits,” with a unique lineup of soulful events and cultural wellness journeys. In addition, she is working with Travel Leaders Group’s Hotel Division to curate its new Select Wellness Collection. We caught up with Fraenkel to find out more.

OSM: What inspired you to start Mind Body Spirit Network?

SF: My love of wellness travel and bringing people together around wellness are very motivating for me. I love the idea of creating a “patchwork of wellness” as each quilt—each trip or event!—allows me to curate wellness experiences.

How can people get involved and what are your goals?

If you live in the New York area or are traveling to NY, you are welcome to attend my events. The schedule can be found on my website. My trips are open to anyone with a spirit of adventure and a love of the wellness lifestyle which, in my world, includes things like indigenous healing experiences, hiking, great healthful cuisine and wine tastings—to name a few!

What makes your Wellness Journeys so unique?

My trips include individual wellness combined with wellness of the planet. Each includes a volunteer experience crafted by my business partner, Casey Miller, who has extensive knowledge of the NGO world and understands responsible development. His expertise in volunteering, combined with my experience in wellness travel, is an unusual combination. We are able to curate experiences that no one else is offering.

I’m very excited about our upcoming “Day of the Dead: A Feast for the Senses” journey this October, our “Cultural and Artisanal Cuba” trip in January and our “Milestone Journey” trip to India in March 2017. Let’s just say that I’ll be celebrating a BIG birthday with everyone who travels with me and it will be special.
mindbodyspiritnet.com —RB


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