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Mental Health: Stay Sane This Spring

by Organic Spa Magazine

It is spring after all. Though it may be hard to tell, especially if you are stuck in a dark apartment in the city. (And if you’re not, be grateful!) 

Fortunately, I face Central Park, and the windows are large. The trees are in bloom, and the air smells fresh. How do I know? Because I keep sticking my snout out the window and sniffing, like a dog. 

I’ve found it diverting to think about spring, even if I am enjoying it at a distance right now. With thoughts of spring, in spite of everything, it makes me happy to think about adding a few new pieces to my spring wardrobe

The one thing you do not want to do, when your days are spent indoors, is to live in your pajamas. All the mental health experts say that it will help keep us stronger, from the neck up, if we stick to a basic daily routine. And nothing could be more basic than getting up, getting dressed, and creating a schedule for yourself. If you are working, set your hours and stick to them. If not, a daily schedule will still help bring a semblance of order into your life. It will prevent the days from running into one another. And it will help you to stay sane. 

While working at home, another tip is for each family member to designate their own workspace. Like any other animal, we need to sniff out our territory. It can be comforting to create boundaries, and return to “your” space daily. 

You can also consider doing something generous that will do good and make you feel good about yourself. Support a local business that you love--especially local restaurants--by purchasing a gift certificate that you can use later. (Yes, this, too, shall pass, and we will be dining out, with friends and family, eventually.) And if you are up for some shopping online, here are some well-priced and pretty spring pieces that you may enjoy. 

United by Blue

This brand is authentic and sustainable with simple, pretty pieces for spring. The United by Blue Natural Popover is made with 91 percent cotton, six percent hemp,and three percent yak--which gives it an incredible softness. unitedbyblue.com

The Blue Eco Knit Swing Dress is made with 56 percent organic cotton, 36 percent Tencel and eight percent elastane. Cut with a swing silhouette, it has movement, looks great and makes you feel good, because, who doesn’t love a twirly-shaped dress? unitedbyblue.com


Bhoomki, based in Park Slope, Brooklyn, has been using natural fibers like organic cotton, and recycled materials, since 2012. They also use eco-friendly dyes. This loose and lovely top is new for spring. ecothes.com

Eileen Fisher

Now running a “community sale,” with  “20 percent off anything you love,” the folks at Fisher are trying to help. The Organic Linen Cotton Long Cardigan, made with organic linen and cotton is a soft, drapey piece with clean lines that will make you feel good. eileenfisher.com

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