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Made in the USA: Reusable Produce Bags

by Elke Erschfeld

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Lately I have been biking more, which makes it easier to visit a local farmers’ market. Buying local is better for the environment since less energy is needed for transportation and, typically, less packaging is involved as well. It also supports local farmers and builds community. Another way to cut back on the wastefulness of packaging is to bring your own reusable produce bags.

There are many great options out there in term of eco-friendly materials that range from hemp bags to mesh bags made with recycled content. Since I love beautiful design, the reusable produce bags by A Greener Kitchen caught my eye. They combine functionality and sustainable materials in a well-designed look that upcycles material left over from A Greener Kitchen’s aprons. All kitchen fabrics are made in the U.S. with fair trade, certified organic cotton. The cute, reusable produce bags come in four nature-inspired designs that will look great in any shopping bag or kitchen.

A Greener Kitchen produces an entire line of organic kitchen textiles made in the U.S. The designs range from aprons, napkins, oven mitts, potholders and table runners to reusable produce bags. Many of these items replace existing disposable products such as paper towels, paper napkins and produce bags made of plastic. According to Clean Air Council, Americans use approximately 102.1 billion plastic bags each year, creating tons of landfill waste. Those plastic bags do not biodegrade, but instead break down into small particles that contaminate our soil and water. That’s why it’s best to replace your paper and plastic habits with greener alternatives that you can reuse over and over again.

Changing habits is hard, and that’s where good design comes in. The contemporary styles by A Greener Kitchen make greening your cooking and grocery shopping habits easy. It will be a no-brainer to remember to bring the reusable produce bags with you to the grocery store or farmers’ market. A Greener Kitchen recommends hand-washing, though you can machine-wash in cold water with an eco-friendly detergent to have the least impact on the environment.

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