Los Sueños

By dorriolds / September 14, 2011

Set amidst an eleven-hundred-acre rainforest that overlooks the Pacific, the Los Sueños Marriott Ocean & Golf Resort, offers a colorful, natural respite. Whether you’re traveling alone, with a loved one, or with kids in tow, there’s something here that will satisfy all. To really get a taste of the spectacular setting, spend your time strolling along trails through the nature preserve, kayaking, horseback riding, or hiking. (Kids will love the jungle river and crocodile adventure.) After taking in the flora and fauna, the sights and sounds, the colors and aromas of this lush and verdant land, head to Sibö, the notable spa, for a taste of indigenous treatments.

In ancient Costa Rican culture, Sibö is the creator of all living things, the maker of the rainforest’s fruits, plants, and animals. The spa here pays homage to the indigenous Cabecar Indian culture by focusing on protecting all natural resources. As the environment is meant to be harmonious, balanced, and preserved, so are your mind and body.

The contrast between the city I live in—concrete, steel, and stress—and Sibö was clear the minute I walked in and was escorted to the changing room. Like royalty, I was draped in a thick, velvety cotton robe, then handed ice water with lime. Surprised that the cup was plastic, I asked the attendant why. She smiled, told me it was biodegradable, and proudly ran through a list of “green” practices at the spa.

“All of our paper is from lemon, banana, and coffee pulp, not trees. The paint is water-based and free of metals. All cleaning products are ecology-friendly.”

I sank into a downy-soft lounge chair surrounded by calming tones of wheat, maple, and khaki. Then I was led to a massage room where soft flute music was playing. Another kind, doting person asked me to lie face down on the table. The sheet was smooth and silky, while strong, capable Costa Rican fingers went to work on the kinks in my back.

After a 90-minute deep tissue massage, I spent an hour in the private Jacuzzi. After a good soak my skin, body, and mind thanked me. At checkout I inquired about a sweet-smelling moisturizer called Sugar Plum Soufflé Massage Cream.

“All of our products here at Sibö are made by Éminence Organic Skin Care,” the spa manager explained. In addition to the plum cream, I bought an exfoliating Mango Body Enzyme Wrap. There are many enticing spa treatments to choose from, including a Costa Rican Stone Massage that uses “heated smooth stones that glide across your body and release deep muscle tension.” The Coco-Luscious Facial is called an “ultimate tropical treat for the senses.” It uses natural enzymes found in mangos, pineapples, and coconut oils, promising to leave your skin “radiant, youthful, and glowing.” The Herbal Clay Facial detoxifies and repairs, while the Divine Chocolate and Champagne Facial incor-porates the “antioxidant properties of cocoa, champagne grapes, and orange essential oils.” If you’re traveling with your loved one, try a couples’ side-by-side massage, plus a recommended 30 minutes of sipping organic spa wine while indulging in a bathtub built for two. Marriott Hotels and their spas are committed to green practices that include recycling 80 percent of their waste, use of organic compost and fertilizer, reduction of water and energy consumption, and educating and engaging employees and guests to support ecology. It is much easier to bask in pampering when you know that while you are achieving balance in your body and soul, so is this Costa Rican spa gem. www.lossuenosmarriott.com

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