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Kitchen Essentials for Health and Wellness

by Organic Spa Magazine

There is no shortage of gadgets that can make life easier for anyone who is strapped for time. But you will be especially intrigued by a new crop of hot kitchen appliances created with a specific intention in mind: to help streamline and sustain a healthy, wellness lifestyle. Here are two of our new favorites!

The NutraMilk

If you love nut milk or nut butter, but don’t love all the preservatives, sugars and additives that seem to go along with the pre-packaged varieties, you will love The NutraMilk. This sleek countertop appliance makes it super easy to make milks and butters using any nut or seed, from almond to coconut to peanut to macadamia and more, in minutes. And, it’s much more affordable to DIY with The NutraMilk, an investment that will pay back in savings for years to come.

Perfect for home use, juice bars or creating a quick snack at the spa, The NutraMilk serves up immediate gratification, as there’s no need to soak the nuts overnight and no need to strain them. It’s instant! Whether you are plant-based, gluten-free, paleo, or none of those things, The NutraMilk provides a way to make delicious, creamy nut milk or butter—or smoothie bowls—in an instant. There are also delectable recipes for endless creative and tasty treats: almond-cilantro spread; eggplant, basil and pine nut spread; adzuki and cashew milk. thenutramilk.com

Krups 2.5L Air Fryer

Fried chicken, French fries—unhealthy comfort foods made healthy with no oil? It seems impossible, even silly, to suggest such a thing. But there it is!

This sleek and seemingly magical machine, above, uses something called 3D Air pulse technology, which relies on a heating element and airflow to fry, grill, bake and roast with little to no oil. If you’ve been jonesing for fries—my sweet spot is sweet potato fries—and love a crispy crunch, you’ll want to give this a try. It’s also a great gift for health-conscious friends and family. krupsusa.com

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