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Join Us for Our Next Twitter Party!

by Organic Spa Magazine

Éminence farms in Hungary / Photo courtesy of Éminence Organics

We’re having another Twitter party! Join us as we chat about #Biodynamic Beauty. In case you haven’t already heard, it is the next big thing Beyond Organic!

We’ll chat with @EminenceOrganic, one of the first skincare brands to get certified by @DemeterUSA, along with special guest, Elizabeth Candelario, co-director of Demeter USA, a branch of the global certifying body.

You’re Invited

You’ll Learn

What is biodynamic, and how does it differ from organic? What do we mean by biodynamic beauty? Where does the idea come from?  (Hint: It has something to do with the moon!) How is biodynamic better for your skin? How is it good for the planet? And believe me, you’ll want to know, because this is going to be big!

So get your questions ready, and get ready to share. (You may want to grab yourself a glass of biodynamic wine for the occasion!) We’ll also have beauty experts and bloggers on hand to weigh in.

All Twitter Party participants can get a FREE subscription to Organic Spa Magazine, a $9.95 value. Click this link and complete the form to get your FREE subscription.


I’m joining #OSMBIODYNAMIC Twitter Party Tuesday, April 8,  from 7 to 8 p.m. ET @organicspamag!

With Experts

Green makeup artist and natural beauty blogger, @karimorange
New York Institute of Aromatherapy founder Amy Galper, @nyiofaroma
Beauty Nutrition Expert and author of Eat Pretty, @jolenehart
Glowing Founder Emilie Rambaud @GlowingCom
OSM Editor-in-Chief @RonaBerg.

Date: Tuesday, April 8

Time: 7 to 8 ET

Host and Moderator: @OrganicSpaMag & @RonaBerg

Come and join the fun!

Organic and Biodynamic Products from Éminence Organics

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