High Altitude Healing: Pure Altitude Skincare

By Sandra Ramani / November 21, 2017

In late 2016, family-run boutique brand Maisons & Hotels Sibuet launched its 13th hotel—the first outside of France—on the Caribbean island of St. Barts. Though the company is best known for its properties in the French Alps, the new Villa Marie is all island chic, with sweeping sea views, bright floral fabrics and colorful parrots holding court around the pool. Head to the cozy spa, however, and you’ll find treatments using a house product line that reflects those mountain roots.

The seeds for Pure Altitude Skincare were first planted when, while working with a botanist to create an alpine garden at her Les Fermes de Marie ski lodge, brand cofounder Jocelyne Sibuet saw firsthand the healing properties of mountain plants like edelweiss, arnica and Melissa (lemon balm). “I learned that plants that live in extreme conditions, like at high altitudes or in the desert, develop interesting protection and regeneration properties,” says Sibuet. “It inspired me to develop a line dedicated to skin regeneration and nutrition, based on the example of how nature thrives in harsh places.”

Started with three aromatherapy bath soaks, Pure Altitude soon grew to include products for the face and body, and has evolved to meet the needs of the various Sibuet hotel spas. It is now available at all the properties and at over 250 pharmacies and shops around the world. We caught up with the jet-setting Sibuet—who also oversees the design of the hotels—to learn more.

What are some standout ingredients in the line?

JS: The line features a harmony of unique ingredients, from high-altitude herbs to Peruvian maca root, Finnish birch sap, and cold mountain and deep sea water. Edelweiss is a top one, for its antioxidant and re-mineralizing properties. We also use a lot of efficient essential oils, including musk rose, which is rich in Omega-6, and is nourishing and softening. I also like rhododendron essential oil for its toning effects.

Your favorite products?

JS: I love the anti-aging and hydrating Alp-Cells Repair Cream, made with edelweiss and alpine rose stem cells—active ingredients based on stem cell research—and hyaluronic acid. Our two Elixirs are also favorites: Elixir Himalaya features a complex of rhododendron, rose and geranium essentials oils, and Elixir Maca Root has edelweiss and organic daisy to repair and revitalize skin. That one is always in my travel bag to help keep skin soft, along the Eau d’ Herbes herbal toner, with Melissa and mint, to stay fresh.

What’s next?

JS: This autumn we’ll launch the anti-aging and regenerating Rosalpina mask, which will feature hyaluronic acid, and be scented by rose extract.

Sandra Ramani

Sandra Ramani

Senior Contributing Editor at Organic Spa Magazine
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