Some airports may be trying to up their culinary game, but finding healthy, tasty, affordable options while on the road can still be tough—and don’t even get us started on airplane food (on the few flights still serving any…) These five nutritious, TSA-friendly snacks will keep you satisfied for the long haul.

 1. Falafel Chips A chef, nutritionist, and business expert came together to launch these USDA-certified organic chips made of over 20 organic veggies, exotic spices, and fiber- and protein-rich, non-GMO legumes. Low in sugar and carbs and gluten-free, they are available in original and spicy options. 

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2.  Amazing Grass Green SuperFood Bars  Get your fruits and veggies on the go with these whole food bars made of organic produce and alkalizing Green SuperFood drink powder. Specific ingredients vary depending on flavor—there are six choices, including Berry, Chocolate Peanut Butter, and Sweet and Savory Almond—but all are unprocessed, soy-free, and super-nutritious and delicious.

3. Emmy’s Organics You’ll never be tempted by candy bars with these in your bag.  Vegan, raw, low-sugar and utterly delicious, these chewy macaroons—made mainly of organic ingredients like shredded coconut, raw agave nectar, non-GMO almond flour, and spices like cinnamon, vanilla, and Himalayan crystal salt—come in seven flavors, including Chai Spiced, Chocolate Chili, Lemon Ginger, Dark Cacao, and Mint Chip.

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4. Vega SaviSeeds Founded by Canadian Ironman triathlete, Brendan Brazier, Vega is all about energy-sustaining whole foods rich in greens and essential fatty acids—and low in carbs, sugar, or anything refined. Along with portable shakes, smoothies, supplements and raw bars, the brand has three flavors of lightly-roasted Savi Seeds, a complete protein with 17 times more Omega-3 than wild Sockeye salmon: Cocoa Kissed, Karmalized, and Oh Natural.

5. IPS Chips Short for Intelligent Protein Snacks, IPS’ light, crispy puffed treats are high in protein and amino acids, thanks to the main ingredient: each serving has the equivalent of two egg whites, or seven grams of protein. They also have about half the fat and much fewer carbs than other baked or fried chips, and no preservatives, GMOs, or trans fats. Choose from Aged White Cheddar, Cinnamon Sugar, Barbeque, and Sea Salt & Pepper.

Sandra Ramani

Sandra Ramani

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