Healthy Super Bowl Sunday Hacks

by Sasha Chinchar

Super Bowl Sunday is this weekend and whether you’re actually planning to watch the game or just awaiting the half-time show, we all know the food is just as hot as what’s on TV!

This year, ditch the chips, cheese dip and wings for these healthy yet delicious Super Bowl Sunday recipe hacks!

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Chipotle Chicken Sweet Potato Skins Potato skins are typically a super bowl Sunday staple, but we say switch it up with this Chipotle Chicken Sweet Potato Skins recipes from Half Baked Harvest. This recipe includes all of the cheesy goodness you crave while using healthier sweet potatoes. Your guests will also love the sweet and spicy twist of the chipotle chicken! Click for recipe.

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Buffalo cauliflower bites Instead of or in addition to chicken wings, why not offer a vegetarian-friendly option? We’re not going to say this recipe from Chocolate Covered Katie tastes exactly like real chicken wings, but it comes pretty darn close! Click for recipe.

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Guacamole Having a good dip or two at your Super Bowl Sunday party is essential. Skip the potato chips and onion dip and try this fresh guacamole recipe from Skinny Taste! Pair it with baked tortilla chips or lentil chips. You might want to make extras–it’s guaranteed to go fast! Click for recipe.

Looking for more game day recipes? Check out these Super Bowl recipes from Forks Over Knives.

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