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Healing Hotels of the World Hosts Annual Healing Summit

by Organic Spa Magazine

Last month, international leaders from a diverse range of business backgrounds gathered together in Berlin, Germany, for the third annual Healing Summit - Committed to Healing.

This year’s event was themed “Creating From the Core of Goodness: Life, Business, World” and addressed the worldwide movement towards personal wellness and holistic healing.

“The big old question of, ‘Why are we here?’ is asked by every human being,” says Anne Biging, founder and CEO of Healing Hotels of the World who hosts the event. “And in a practical way, we could say, it matters what we are doing—how we act on a personal and professional level in each moment of our lives; where our actions come from, what our drive is and what makes us get up in the morning and become creative.”

The more than 130 delegates from 27 countries had the opportunity to ruminate on this idea at the Healing Summit.

“A new form of loving responsibility was asked—‘Do I act in a way that may bring goodness to all?’” Biging continues. “And really, this is not so difficult—through simply watching the intentions behind our thoughts and actions, we can achieve this.”

Participants shared knowledge, participated in group discussions and listened to expert speakers on topics such as “Creating a Fair Economy” and “Global Identity”.

“We are happy to say that this year’s Healing Summit was a success on many levels,” says Biging. “We’ve had a huge wave of positive feedback— many delegates said that they truly had life-changing experiences, and wished the event lasted another day.”

Healing Hotels of the World partners with the most luxurious and exclusive hotels that are committed to sophisticated holistic healing treatments and experience. The hotel collection represents over 110 hotels on 5 continents.

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