Green Gifts for Home & Hearth

By Margaret Coventry / September 7, 2011

Green Gifts for Home & Hearth:

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1. A Beautiful Study

The specimen look is in! Photographer Garry Wade has borrowed a collection of historic insect specimens, taken detailed shots, and mounted the incredibly intricate prints onto aluminum. A great look for the weekend cabin. $70–$100,

2. Black Horn Bar Glasses

As domesticated water buffalo grow, they naturally shed their horns. Luckily they are transformed into elegant glasses like these from Bambeco. $18 each/$35 set,

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3. Gone But Not Forgotten

Wine drinkers, let it be known that there can be a new life for those empty bottles. Designers Emma Woffenden and Tord Boontje of Artecnica, designed these sinuous vases out of used wine bottles, as part of the Design With Conscience Series. The tranSglass Cut Vase is equally pretty in polished or satin finish. $66-$79,

4. For the Minimalist

The Eco-Xmas Tree from Joel Fitzpatrick, stands 6-feet tall and is adorned with 55 vintage glass insulators—objects from the early 1900s that were used to protect connections on telephone poles! Combine that with LED bulbs and you have a tree that uses a mere 15 watts of power. Brilliant. Sizes and prices upon request.

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5. Show Some Skin

Gail Garcia has managed to make cork—a material we love but are getting a bit tired of—look glamorous. The designer printed the eco-friendly material with a snake print, giving it an instant makeover that is both appropriate and exciting. A set of four coasters is $30,

6. All Aglow

There are so many wonderful candles to choose from, but we really love the handcrafted soy wax candles from Aglow. The Symbols of Enlightenment collection is designed with either an Om, Hamsa hand, Dove, Cross, Star of David, or Peace sign and decorated with “crystal bling.” Choose from six customized scents (we like “Angel from Heaven,” a warm sandalwood with honey jasmine and violet notes). $36–$52,

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7. Smart Lunch Totes

Treat the co-worker who likes to tote homemade lunch to an insulated eco-tote from GreenSmart. Sifaka, named after a lemur in Madagascar, is split into two sections, one for hot, one for cold. The line of bags are crafted from plastic bottles which have been recycled into a neoprene-type fabric. All products are named after endangered animals that receive a 10 percent cut of the profits. $29.95,

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8. Techno-Zen

Ikebana, the traditional Japanese art of flower arranging, was the inspiration behind this new concept in LED lighting. Arrange it any way you like—the light head can be turned in any direction, raised or lowered. It will make all your tasks that much more enjoyable, with its softer, warmer glow using proprietary technology. Available at the end of the year from Peter Stathis. For inquiries:

9. Peaceful Piece Work

Just outside of Chicago, husband and wife design team Bill Kerr and Weeks Ringle have synchronized their talents to create quilted works of art. Their sophisticated color sense and graphic use of perfectly matched 100 percent cotton fabrics add modernism to a time-honored tradition. Funquilt’s fastidiously crafted heirloom quilts are made to order, $1,200 for wall-hangings and up to $5,600 for complex king-bed quilts. Do-it-yourselfers can order their kits for $5 to $125, which includes a pattern and the well-chosen fabric. For more inspiration, see their new book, Quilts Made Modern, which captures their distinctive work in beautiful settings, and shows the ins and outs of the trickiest techniques.

Read on for more fabulous green-giving ideas!

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