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Great Wellness Reads: Part 2

by Organic Spa Magazine

Time to curl up with a good book

The Living Clearly Method

By Hilaria Baldwin

Yoga instructor, mother (she just gave birth to her second child), wellness expert and wife of actor Alec Baldwin, Hilaria Baldwin can now add “author” to her list of achievements. This personal, practical and truly inspiring read is based on the five principles—Perspective, Breathing, Grounding, Balance and Letting Go—embodied in her “Living Clearly Method,” which began on Baldwin’s yoga mat and evolved into a set of tools for slowing down, staying present and coping with life. Baldwin shows us how to combine movement with mindfulness to live a fuller life.

The Permaculture Promise

By Jono Neiger

If you don’t already know what “permaculture” is, and you care about the future of the planet, you will want to learn. Reading this thoughtful, engaging and easy-to-access book is a great way to start. Now a sustainability buzzword, permaculture is a way to design systems that support food production, clean energy, clean water, housing, transportation and reverse climate change without harming our environment. Neiger, a conservation biologist, permaculture educator and designer, offers a smart, sensible game plan that helps us chart the way to a healthy future.

Body Kindness

By Rebecca Scritchfield, RDN

This inspiring book feels like the supportive girlfriend who you always want to have at your side. There is sound advice on loving your body, rejecting extreme dieting and building yourself up instead of tearing yourself down, with easy, practical tips that make a lot of good sense. Scritchfield shines a spotlight on small, incremental changes that add up to a positive shift toward greater health and happiness. Sections include: What You Do, How You Feel, Who You Are and Where You Belong. It reminds us to be good to ourselves and be kind to others—lessons we can all embrace right now.

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