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The Book Case

by Rona Berg

There is nothing like leaning back into a cozy cushion and curling up with a good book.

With all due respect to fans of Nook and Kindle, for me there is nothing like cracking open a good book and leafing through its crisp pages. For those of us who stare at a computer screen all day, the tactile pleasure of holding a book (along with a cup of coffee, tea or a glass of wine) and declaring yourself officially unplugged is one of life’s great pleasures.

As a lifelong reader, I find myself at home with many genres, depending on my mood, what’s going on in the world or how much I need distraction, but all in all, nothing beats sitting down and getting lost in a good book.

Here are some inspiring reads to help you get your mind, body, spirit and creativity on track in the New Year.

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And Breathe
by Rebecca Dennis
(DaCapo Press)

Nothing comes as naturally as breathing, or so it would seem. But thanks to stress and other factors, too many of us are not breathing deeply and freely, and that’s affecting our health. In And Breathe, UK-based breath coach Rebecca Dennis provides easy strategies and exercises to turn that around, and help us release tension, blocked emotions and more, through breathwork.

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The Green Witch
by Arin Murphy-Hiscock
(Adams Media)

Whether or not you believe in witchcraft, this fantastic book by alternative healer Arin Murphy-Hiscock will teach you about the healing magic of herbs, flowers, essential oils. The Green Witch is a guide to herbal and energy healing, loaded with recipes, rituals and wise words to help you harness body and soul—and the power of nature—to find balance.

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The Joy of Doing Nothing
by Rachel Jonat
(Simon & Schuster)

You could argue that instead of reading a book about doing nothing, you could, well, just spend that time doing nothing. But The Joy of Doing Nothing by Rachel Jonat (theminimalistmom.com) is such a pleasure to read, with nuggets of wisdom that build a compelling case for what most of us already know: Rest, quiet time, and doing nothing ultimately make us more productive, energetic and happy.

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Waking Up in Winter
by Cheryl Richardson

Renowned coach Cheryl Richardson turns her life-coaching skills back on herself in Waking Up in Winter, when she decides to focus on what really matters to her most at midlife, and shed what may have lost meaning along the way. In this revealing personal account, written as a journal, Richardson re-examines and re-edits her life to bring her happiness through transformation, guiding readers along the way.

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The Geometry of Hand-Sewing
by Natalie Chanin
(Abrams Books)

Other than meditation itself, few things are more meditative than needlework. In The Geometry of Hand-Sewing by Natalie Chanin, founder and creative director of Alabama Chanin—one of my favorite designers—it features instructions on how to create beautiful embroidery based on her unique method, along with two stitching cards with grids to help you practice your stitches. You will be embellishing your organic cottons in no time!

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Super Woman Rx
by Tasneem Bhatia, MD

Instead of the usual cookie-cutter approach, in Super Woman Rx, Tasneem Bhatia, MD, offers five targeted plans for optimum wellness based on five individual blueprints, or “Power Types.” Each is a diet and exercise program that draws from Ayurveda, Chinese and allopathic medicine, designed to help you lose weight, lower stress and anxiety, and restore a healthy glow. There’s no better time than now!

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