Good-For-You Granola

By Alia Akkam / September 10, 2011

Bear Naked

Granola was probably the furthest thing from their minds when the co-founders of Norwalk, CT-based Bear Naked met in middle school. Among Bear Naked’s extensive granola offerings (they even have a low-sugar line) are the new 100% Pure & Natural in Peak Flax Oats and Honey with Blueberries, and a Maple Pecan version with agave-sweetened praline pecans. Their Grain-ola Bars pack up to 17g of whole grains, and are the perfect on-the-go breakfast.



Lifelong foodie and former restaurant owner and chef, Michele Miller, makes granola out of the Berkshires in MA. Organic oats and pumpkin seeds mingle with almonds in her savory blend.





Early Bird

Nekisia Davis used to be a GM at one of Brooklyn, NY’s most popular restaurants. Now you can find her at farmers markets, introducing customers to her Early Birds Food & Co. granola. Mostly made with organic ingredients, Farmhand’s Choice, is tossed with pecans and extra-virgin olive oil. The Aloha is strewn with coconut, mango, and macadamia nuts, while the Jubilee sports cherries and pistachios.


Grandy Oats

Grandy Oats has been lovingly making small batches of granola out of Maine since 1979. Inside a rustic barn organic granolas are churned out that can be bought in bulk, as well as a few flavors sold in convenient, reusable, recyclable containers. We love the Goji Agave, teeming with Goji berries and cranberries, and the Mainely Maple, sweetened with made-in-Maine maple syrup.



Granola Girl

Misty Watkins, aka Granola Girl, slow bakes Maple Pecan and Cranberry Almond granolas using organic and local ingredients from tiny, peaceful Mt. Shasta, CA.



Providence Granola Project

Sure this granola’s tasty, but the Providence, RI-based company—the brainchild of Keith Cooper and Geoff Gordon—stands out for another reason: They hire struggling refugees to help them get a temporary foothold on the job market. Join the Granola of the Month Club and enjoy their original blend of local honey and whole nuts, or one of the ever-changing recipes such as Chocobanola with chocolate, bananas, molasses, and chia seeds.


Udi’s Natural Artisan Granola was inspired by founder Udi Baron’s idyllic upbringing on an Israeli farm, and a granola recipe from partner Yasmin Lozada-Hissom’s Venezuelan grandmother. Using small-batch honey from Colorado Honey Company, they make a few exotic flavors like the Hawaiian studded with ginger-toasted macadamia nuts, and a new gluten-free oat version.





Finally, a healthy alternative to mid-afternoon potato chip snacking that leaves you even more fulfilled: Yogi Granola Crisps. The bite-sized flakes from the well-known therapeutic tea company are available in Baked Cinnamon Raisin, Fresh Strawberry Crunch, and Mountain Blueberry Flax, incorporating ingredients like sun-dried raisins, Indian gooseberry, and huckleberry.

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