Refreshing Facial Masks

By tina / September 7, 2011

Facial Masks & Scrubs

facial masksWoodsprite Lemon Verbena Balancing Facial Masque

Let the healing, herbal extracts of Verbena balance your oily to combination skin—no greasy residue left behind. $25,

Ilike Apple and Lemon Gel Mask

Take the peel and juice from these two essential oil rich fruits and you have a pore tightening, acne and hyper-pigmentation fighter. $48,

Nature by Canus

All Natural Moisturizing Clay Mask Fresh from the farm, this goat-milk based mask moisturizes with easily absorbed proteins, vitamins and minerals. $15.99,

Ossetra Pristine Masque

Rejuvenate tired skin with the sea’s finest ingredients, iceberg water, seaweed extract and moor mud. $48,

Facial Cleansers & Moisturizers

facial masksfacial masksNaturopathica Oat Face Polish (left)

Soothing oat proteins take the lead in this cleanser while gentle Jojoba beads take care of the dry, flaky skin left behind. $52,

Swissclinical Pure Antioxidant Day Cream (right)

An advanced formulation from the experts at Swissclinical, this lightweight cream contains powerful natural antioxidants, such as pine tree extract, white tea, and vitamins E and C. Grape seed oil helps to moisturize and leave skin smooth. $105,

Olivia Care French Clay Soap

These purifying soaps contain natural healing elements derived from the French clay in the Pyrenees Mountains. From dry, to acne-prone skin, each of the four colored clay bars, aid in the relief of a different skin condition. $6.50 each,

Huiles & Baumes Purifying Face Cleansing Cream and Toner

Sweet Almond oil softens the skin, while St. John’s Wort oil aids as the disinfecting agent in this gentle cleanser. Add the purifying toner to this daily cleansing routine for a balanced complexion. The powerful herbal extracts in this combo leave your skin calm and refreshed. $22-24,

G.M. Collin Cleansing Milk

From the natural and organic line, Bio Organique, this creamy cleanser works well on all skin types. Organic fruits, vegetables, and plants nourish and leave skin super-smooth. $34,

Image Max Crème

Taking anti-aging products to the next level, this cream repairs cell damage with the help of two different strains of plant derived stem cells. Daily use prevents and repairs aging effects. $89,


Jane Iredale PurePressed Base SPF 20 Powder (left)

Free of parabens, dyes, oil, and talc, this convenient, eco-friendly compact packs a big punch; a foundation, powder, concealer, and sunscreen in one. The Skin Cancer Foundation seals its approval on this make-up must-have. $49.50,

Skin 2 Skin Anti-Photoaging SPF 30 Cream Tan Tint (right)

A necessity for our beach-lovers, this sunscreen has an added tint to balance your natural skin tone. Fight the harmful UV rays without the caking, sticky-feeling most sunscreens leave behind. $68,

CosMedix Reflect

Clean and effective UV protection, naturally. Introducing the first titanium, chemical-free, spray-on sunscreen in SPF 30. $44,


H&M Raspberry Melon Body Lotion

This moisturizing body lotion is just one of the fresh, summer scents offered in the new EcoCert certified line of gels, scrubs, hand creams and lip balms. $4.95, at H&M Stores

Body Moisturizer Silky Sorbet Buttery Body Créme

Eight ounces of pure moisture, packed with shea, mango, and cocoa butter. A beach-trip essential, this combo of butters helps protect and treat damaged, cracked skin; 100 percent vegan. $25,

Desert Essence Almond Hand and Body Lotion

Don’t wait until the end of summer for those damaging rays to get the best of you. Protect and repair with the organic almond extracts and oil from this moisturizer. $8.99,


Sibu Buckthorn Age Defying Eye Cream

Let the healing power of the Himalayan Sea’s naturally harvested buckthorn, tackle the eye’s worst enemies: fine lines, spots, puffiness, and dark circles. $24.95,

All Things Pure Eye Oil

Awarded the Natural Products Association Seal, the powerful blend of organic plants behind this oil, softens the visibility of fine lines around the eyes, as well as the entire face. $38,

Chartreuse Renew Eye Cream

This one’s easy on the eyes, and quite soothing, thanks to the healing attributes of lavender, blue green algae, and pomegranate extracts. $12.95,

4 the Guys


We’ve made it pretty clear that the basic nutritional needs of men and women differ immensely, leaving little surprise to the variation in our individual skin care needs, as well. Don’t think we forgot about our green guys, here. This revolutionary 4-step system comes in four collections: Sensitive, Oily, Normal and Dry. While the ingredients from desert succulents such as cactus and yucca, moisturize dry skin, kelp and other sea botanicals are keeping sensitive skin smooth. Did we mention the daily regimen takes 4 minutes or less? $171.84,

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