Fresh Fall Skincare Tips

By Em Keen / October 6, 2017
Skincare tips

You wouldn’t keep your shorts and swimwear in the front of your closet while the seasons transition into fall. The same should be true of the skincare lineup inside your medicine cabinet.

We love the epic light show of glowing leaves that autumn brings, but we could really do without the dry and flaky skin that can be tough to avoid as temperatures drop. It helps to start prepping your skin for the cool, crisp air before it actually arrives. This makes it a great time to incorporate new products into your skincare routine and help prepare your skin for what’s to come.

Try these skincare tips this fall season

The first line of defense is exfoliation, which helps remove dry-skin buildup. Follow exfoliation with a gentle cleanser and finish with a rich, hydrating moisturizer.

UV rays don’t go away just because it’s cold outside. A moisturizer with full-spectrum protection is always a good idea. 

If you’re headed out for a day full of meetings or travel, keep an illuminator and mist close by for a dewy glow on the go.

See what products we can’t live without this fall, because it really is possible to have beautiful skin year-round.

  1. Fig and Yarrow sea scrub ($48) 
  2. W3LL People Bio Tint Multi-Action Face Moisturizer SPF 30 ($29) 
  3. Antonym Cosmetics Baked Illuminator ($42) 
  4. Neal’s Yard Remedies Organic Rehydrating Rose Toner ($28) 
  5. SheaTerra Moroccan Orange Blossom Beauty Water ($12)