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Five Rituals to Usher in a New Beginning During the Lunar Eclipse

by Mackenzie Schoenherr

Tomorrow night’s lunar eclipse will be unusual. Known as a “blood moon,” this type of eclipse is believed to usher in change and support the cultivation of intentions and emotional release. Healing energy will be evident, and it’s a good time to express creativity and express your intuition. Here are five rituals to assist in ushering in a new beginning during this eclipse.

1. Incorporate Crystals
The use of crystals during this eclipse can help with draw out negative energy and toxins in the body. Because the lunar eclipse brings with it an abundance of feminine energy, crystals that are white, blue, pink or purple will best allow for spiritual healing. Lay in corpse pose and place them on or surrounding your body, or place them in the bathroom during a shower to allow the steam to use the ions in the air.

2. Set Positive Intentions
Begin the day tomorrow by setting new intentions. These can be small, such as showing yourself more compassion and forgiveness, or they can be large, like letting go of negative people in your life. Setting new intentions during the lunar eclipse is an act of self-care that will be especially helpful in the upcoming months.

3. Perform a Sage Cleanse
Performing sage cleanse is also a great way to release negative energy from the environment surrounding you and create space for positive energy. Simply buy a bundle of sage, allow it to dry for about 24 hours, and then light the tip of the bundle. Wave the smoke in the corners and across doorways to help cleanse negative energy and bad feelings. It also leaves a pleasant aroma, which can encourage a more creative space.

4. Practice Yoga
The upcoming “blood moon” eclipse is especially noteworthy because it will be the longest lunar eclipse of the 21st century, spanning one hour and 42 minutes. It is a good time to realign yourself by incorporating a few different yoga poses. Poses such as tree, mountain, boat and Viparita Karani allow for the body to realign itself and help the flow of negative energy to go out of the body.

5. Try Deep Cleaning
Deep cleaning involves purging the environment of anything unnecessary, leaving the space with just the basics. This can allow for the feng shui of the space to be healing, and can very easily alleviate stressors that you may not realize are in your space. When your space is clear, creative energy will have more opportunity to flow.

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