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Fitness News Roundup

by Jenna Mahoney

Fit Check In

Jaw-dropping surroundings, incomparable service, enormous and ultra-private accommodations, and restorative spas are the hallmarks of the uber-luxe Six Senses resorts. Now the wellness-focused properties have hooked up with the high-tech Fusionetics, a personalized performance enhancement fitness program.

Guests are individually assessed for goals, behaviors and habits, movement level and injuries. All those numbers get calculated to develop a specialized program, with a 95 percent accuracy rate. On-site trainers will begin the program with guests, who can then take the on-the-go, interactive service home with them. sixsenses.com

Wheel Pose

As any devotee of Iyengar will attest, props make the practice better. Whether blocks or belts, tools help engage and leverage muscles for a more effective pose. They also assist in restorative postures to heal and relax. The new-to-the-scene Dharma Yoga Wheel enhances stretching in a more kinetic way. Designed and made in the USA, the prop, which has been praised by folks from Britney Spears to NFL players, mirrors the movement of the back and helps release and stretch the shoulders, back, chest, abs and hip flexors to improve all-over muscular movements. dharmayogawheel.com

Fashionably Fit

Like Cartier’s coveted Love bracelet, the Fitbit is immediately recognizable on any wrist. However awesome and amazing—how in the world did we survive before we were able to so closely monitor calories in and out, and sleep patterns?—the patented wearable tech treasure isn’t exactly known for its sophisticated look.

A new partnership with the fashionista-darling design duo Public School is bringing the band a hip cred. The new designs promise to be sleeker with an urban sensibility and plenty of hard wear. The cool concept collection features five bands for the customizable Alta tracker. fitbit.com

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