Fiji Goes Greener to Preserve Reefs

By Nicole Dorsey Straff / September 14, 2011

Dive in Eco-Friendly Marine Park

Beqa Adventure Divers is working closely with the government and owners of “Shark Reef” to have it designated a protected Marine Park. Featuring up to eight regular species of sharks and 300 different species of fish, visiting divers witness grey reef sharks, tawny nurse sharks, and learn about endangered species.

Transplant Healthy Coral onto Reefs

Mana Island Resort and Spa hopes to regenerate life in the coral reefs affected by recent cyclones, global warming, pollution, inadequate waste disposal systems, and careless boating. The program involves the transplantation of corals onto the affected areas where live coral cover is dying.

Celebrate World Environment Day

Mamanuca Environment Society celebrated World Environment Day with local public schools and students performed skits, wrote essays and drew posters inspired by the theme, “Your planet needs you, unite to combat climate change.” The day was capped by students planting 50 seedlings around town.

Prevent Overfishing of Giant Clams

Jean Michel Cousteau Fiji Islands Resort repopulates the world’s largest living mollusk, a giant clam that can weigh 500 pounds and live for 100 years. Because the giant clams are considered a delicacy throughout the Pacific, they have become over-harvested so the resort houses and protects 50 new clams near the resort dock. When the bivalves are big enough, they’re moved to remote areas to avoid over-fishing, and new stock is reintroduced.

Nicole Dorsey Straff

Nicole Dorsey Straff

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