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By Rona Berg / October 25, 2016

Rose-Marie Swift shares expert insight and ideas on natural beauty.

Rose-Marie Swift is a top celebrity makeup artist who has worked on many famous faces, from Gisele Bundchen and Zoe Saldana to Miranda Kerr and Tilda Swinton. She created her gorgeous makeup line, RMS Beauty (, after experiencing health issues that she learned could be linked to ingredients in her makeup kit. Here, Swift shares insight and inspiration with Organic Spa Magazine.

OSM: What are some of your favorite makeup looks for fall?

RMS: I have noticed a return to a dewy, light-reflective eye and, in some cases, almost a glossy eye. Also the return of skin. Skin is in big time. So stop covering it up.

When you create new colors, what inspires you?

When I mix colors, I just let it happen. I am usually not inspired by anything, just the motivation to create. I mix away and see what happens. I never follow the trends. Trends are made to be broken.

How would you describe your aesthetic?

I have an eye for elegance. I do not believe in makeup redefining your whole face. Those over-the-top applications may look good through Instagram filters, but in real life, it is overkill. Makeup should be applied to enhance one’s features and work with what you have, so that you can be the best possible you. It can age you terribly if you are not careful.

Your formulations are cream-based, why did you make that choice?

Powders tend to be drying and make the skin look more aged, while creams look much more youthful when applied to skin or the lid. Nothing beats a moist, light-reflective glow to the skin.

Creams may be a bit of an adjustment for people who are used to wearing powders, but the end result is rewarding for both the look and long-term health of the skin. Best bet for people who love powders: Use the creams first as the base and lightly add the powder, it decreases the look of dryness.

Cream formulations really inspire you to apply with fingers. Why is that a good idea?

I love skin-to-skin application as it blends the best. Most brushes are flat and that just drags makeup across the facial feature (which is not flat). Flat brushes do not blend in properly around the facial curves. Skin to skin is easier, you can feel the product working synergistically with the skin and you can control the amount you need. I make brushes now, but they are designed to mimic skin-to-skin application.

In the case of cream shadows, some will crease depending on the natural oil content of the skin. Even powder will crease on oilier lids, but those with a bit more oil should be happy, because that oil protects them from aging and they will have more youthful-looking lids by the time they are 40.

I do not recommend crease-proof shadows on anyone, as they are filled with some pretty extreme alcohols and drying agents as well as synthetic chemicals in order for the makeup to adhere. Over the long-term, you are doing some severe damage to the sensitive skin around your eyes.

Did you always take a clean, pared-down, organic and holistic approach to beauty, or did it evolve?

I always had an eye for it. It was an intuition thing and nothing that I learned. It is more beautiful and, hands-down, a much healthier lifestyle, that is for sure.

Create This Look 

Moisturize with RMS Beauty Oil. Apply “Un” Cover-up 000 under the eyes. Dab Imagine Eye Polish over a clean dry lid, and highlight the center lid with the new Master Mixer (rose gold highlighter). Apply Honest Lip Shine with Master Mixer in the center of the lip and an ever-so-slight amount on the cheeks. Apply Volumizing Mascara and the “Un” Powder in the T-zone area only. Apply Living Luminizer to the inner corners of the eyes, along the bow of the lip, down the bridge of the nose and the cheekbones for the most realistic luminosity that makes skin look healthy, refreshed and flawless. All products by RMS Beauty.

Image Credit: Peter Rosa​

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