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eHoliday Gift Guide – Week 5

by Organic Spa Magazine

Week 5:
Six gifts for everyone on your list

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Gus Slippers

Soft, breathable, itch-free and natural. Baabuk sneakers and slippers are ethically made from 100% wool.

Essentials for Relaxation

Give the gift of organic luxury skincare this Christmas, selecting from VOYA’s NEW luxury Essentials Collections for Christmas. Evoking the warm feeling of calm and serenity, VOYA’s Essentials for Relaxation is the gift of soothing tranquility for you and your skin. This captures the restorative power of wild seaweed and is the perfect gift for lavender and rosemary lovers.

Face Masks

Energized with 85 plant micronutrients and the ayurvedic wonder ingredient- Shilajit, these
100% natural face masks deep cleanse and restore balance to your skin. A perfect gift and stocking stuffer.
Price: $2.99

Italian Handmade FSC Wooden Bristle Hair Brushes & Wooden Combs

Gently massages the scalp, stimulates circulation, & distributes natural oils.
Enjoy a 25% discount until December 17th, 2016
Enter code: Spa25 for savings

Shampoo Conditioner

Love Your Hair—Give It The Proper Healthy Care!!! Quality organic essential oils, amino complex formulation, removes toxins from hair and scalp, promotes healthier and shinier hair.

Gift Baskets

Awaken aromatic healing from the ground up with the Aroma Stone and give the feet a treat.The specially designed reflexology stones hold drops of essential oils, releasing aromatic properties from infrared heat. Relieve foot and leg pain and increase circulation with an invigorating massage, on the go, or in the home, or at your desk.

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