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DIY Body Scrubs

by Mary E Tjotjos

It is an age-old piece of advice, but proper exfoliation is often overlooked in our skincare routines.
Our skin is constantly undergoing a natural cell turnover process by generating new cells and shedding the old. The bad news? This process slows down as we age which can lead to our skin looking dull and feeling dry. The good news?We have the low down on radiance rescuing scrubs which will uncover your fresh, heathy skin.

We spoke with Alice Grant, founder of organic brand Simply Scrub, to find out more and get her recipe recommendations for creating our own scrubs from ingredients we already have at home.

OSM: Hi Alice. Can you tell us how scrubs benefit our skincare routine?

AG: Exfoliation is crucial for sloughing off dead skin cells to reveal fresh, new skin underneath. It not only makes the skin look brighter and suppler, but it also allows for other nourishing skincare products to be better absorbed by the skin. 

Where do scrubs best fit into our skincare routine? 

Depending on your skin type, scrubbing is most effective when done about three times a week before either morning or night skincare routine. Using a small amount on areas that are most prone to dry, patchy skin and working the scrub into the skin in gentle circular motions will help remove dull and dead skin cells from the surface. After scrubbing, applying moisturizer and any serums will help protect the new, glowing skin stay hydrated and fresh. 

Why should we create our own DIY scrubs as opposed to purchasing a pre-made scrub?

Pre-made scrubs are often made with harsh chemicals and ingredients that can cause microabrasions to the skin. These tiny tears can cause premature aging or even give way to infection or fungal acne. Any harsh alcohol-based additives will dry out the skin after scrubbing, instead of nourishing it with essential oils that replenish it. Using all-natural ingredients will make you feel healthier, as nature intended. Purchasing a product is always an option, but you have to pay attention to the list of ingredients and watch out for the small print!



Strawberries contain salicylic acid, which is a beta hydroxy acid useful for problematic skin.

  • Strawberries: 6 pcs
  • Sweet almond oil: 3 tablespoon
  • Brown sugar: 3 tablespoons

Using a blender or food processor, blend the ingredients until the consistency is creamy and contains no big chunks of strawberry. Apply to wet skin in a circular massaging motion making sure to apply to areas that feel rough and dry. Rinse with warm water. This scrub is great for smoothing your complexion and adding a radiant glow to your skin.


Bananas are an excellent natural ingredient you can use to maintain the freshness and softness of your skin on your face and body.

  • Pureed Banana: 2 teaspoons
  • Fried oatmeal: 2 tablespoon
  • Honey: 1 tablespoons
  • Milk: 1 tablespoons

Blend everything in a blender or food processor until smooth. Massage lightly onto wet skin, and then rinse with warm water.


Cucumbers are a wonder in the beauty world, and they are often found in cosmetics, especially skincare. They can smooth fine lines and wrinkles while supplying the skin with B vitamins.

  • Cucumber: 1 pc (chopped)
  • Fresh basil: 5 leaves
  • Brown sugar: 5 tablespoons
  • Coconut oil: 5 tablespoon (liquid)

Pulse ingredients in blender or food processor for 1 minute until the mixture becomes homogeneous. Lightly massage it on your wet skin, and rinse with warm water. Enjoy the light and refreshing aroma of cucumbers as you scrub impurities away.

Need an extra radiance boost? 

Don't forget to take care of the inner you (read: Mind-Body Skincare and Beauty Rainbow) by exercising and eating healthy foods to ensure your glowing from the inside out.

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