Divine Sounds

By Margaret Coventry / September 30, 2011

Mantras, chants, and unique sacred sounds unite on this CD and create a soothing flow of vibrational energy. Jonathan Goldman, a respected authority in the field of sound healing and a Grammy nominee, recently released 2013: Ecstatic Sonics (Spirit Music, Inc.), a recording designed to initiate altered states of consciousness and activate heightened awareness.

“2013 will be a time of great evolutionary activation—the result of a quantum leap in our consciousness that will have occurred through 2012,” says Goldman. “This CD is a sonic attempt to create what this represents, it is a compendium of different recordings that embody what I perceive of as being the energy for 2013.” This is a wonderful CD for relaxation, as well as for enhancing meditation. www.healingsounds.comMargaret Coventry

Margaret Coventry
Margaret Coventry

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