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by Mary Tjotjos

Derrick Braun, Chef

After receiving a Culinary Arts degree, Derrick Braun went on to complete his bachelor of science in the Culinary Nutrition program at Johnson & Wales University. While most of his classmates pursued their work-share programs in medical institutions like nursing homes and hospitals, Derrick decided to learn about food and health from the "ground" level, and established an internship at The Anthill Farm, an organic fruit and vegetable farm in northeast Pennsylvania. Before coming to The Lodge at Woodloch, Derrick helped create the Lackawaxen Farm Company (LFC), a farm cooperative that was a local resource for regional restaurants and families as well as a financial benefit to small farms. Additionally, Braun utilized his Culinary Arts education by helping kick-start two local farm-to-table restaurants. Derrick soon realized his passion for the soil and could not be contained in the kitchen for long and is now in his sixth year as The Lodge at Woodloch's organic farmer. “I guess I always felt like a rebel without a cause, but now things like community building, land restoration, as well as feeding and educating others have replaced my fervor for writing (unanswered) angry comments on company message boards and sore throats from screaming at rallies. Food sovereignty is still my goal, but the garden is now my protest.”