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Deluxe 24 Karat Facial

by Sara Cifani

Deluxe 24 Karat Facial at The Spa at Encore Las Vegas

Gold, one of the softest metals known to mankind, is not only glamorous, but also provides many beauty benefits. A gold facial eliminates toxins, activates the process of cell renewal, brightens and rejuvenates skin, prevents blemishes, improves blood circulation and reduces fine lines.

The award-winning Spa at Encore in Las Vegas offers a Deluxe 24 Karat Facial, consisting of three types of naturally occurring gold from ILA Luxury Organic Skincare, Frankincense from the gardens of Ethiopia and cleansing and beautifying massage techniques. The treatment is available in 50- or 80-minute sessions.

A welcoming foot scrub begins the treatment, followed by cupping along the Chakras. Warm oil, applied to the back, promotes relaxation before the facial begins, and a deep hydrating face-cleansing ritual with enzymatic black currant and honey scrub gently exfoliates. A special massage technique promotes absorption of the 24 Karat Gold-infused product as the Gold Leaf is massaged into the skin until completely absorbed.

A 24 Karat Gold peel off mask covers the entire face, including eyes and lips, and the gold creates an immediate tensing effect, which tightens and lifts the skin and gives it luminosity. The product’s seaweed base enhances penetration of ingredients for full effect. The finishing touch is an application of hydrating Gold Cellular Serum and Gold Cellular Face Cream. wynnlasvegas.com

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