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By Declan Liam Fischback / September 7, 2011

food finds

We asked Declan, 12, and Liam, 10, the sons of founder and publisher Bev Maloney Fischback, to scout for food finds in five categories that are not only good for you, but taste good. Here’s what they discovered.

For us, being green means to practice the 3 R’s (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle), to protect and love the environment, and to eat healthily. At both of our schools they have recycling bins in every classroom and one big one outside for paper and cardboard. Every season, our school also does a Croc shoes recycling campaign and get lots of shoes donated. Also, in Science class we learn about the environment and natural resources and discuss how global warming is affecting us. To help kids learn more, we would create stickers to put on all their lunch boxes and sports gear that would remind them to recycle and love the environment. And we would tell all the parents to buy a hybrid car like our parents.


DECLAN: Kashi Cinnamon Harvest Breakfast Cereal This looked like it would taste good and it had cinnamon in it. I liked it because it was a mixture of whole grain and sweetness.

LIAM: Applegate Farms Bacon & Organic Eggs I chose this because it is organic and my favorite kind of bacon. The bacon is really crispy and good. I would recommend it to my friends because it’s very good.


DECLAN: Amy’s Frozen Cheeze and Pesto Pizza I picked this because any pizza is good, but the organic ones are great. I liked it because it tasted like it was fresh from Italy. I’d recommend it because it’s not only good for you, but it’s also good tasting.

LIAM: Amy’s Lentil Soup I picked this because it looks good, and I like Amy’s soups. It was very tasty and fills me up when I’m really hungry. It has a lot of taste, so I’d recommend it.


DECLAN: Back To Nature Crispy Wheat Crackers I chose this because the box has a see through part and the crackers looked good and it sounded good, too. I loved it because it was crispy. I’d recommend it to my friends because it goes great with cheese and they’d love it.

LIAM: Cascadian Farms Vanilla Chip Granola Bars I love granola bars. This one is organic and tastes like vanilla and I like vanilla and granola. I would recommend it because it is not too sweet and has vanilla chips.


DECLAN: Naked Juice (Gold Machine) My old Nanny, Leisl, said it was good, so I tried it, and every time we go to the market and don’t have any, we come home with a bunch! I liked it because I didn’t taste the veggies, I only tasted the fruit. It may have a funny name, but I’d recommend it because it is a beautiful blend of fruit.

LIAM: Steaz Black Cherry Green Tea Soda This is the only soda I am allowed to have. I like all the bubbles and the good after-taste. It is a very good organic soda, so I’d recommend it.


DECLAN: Dr. Oetker Cornmeal Muffins I like muffins, and I love these organic ones because they taste great and are good for me. They weren’t too sweet or to bitter, like some cornmeal muffins. I wouldn’t recommend them to my friends because there might be a shortage!

LIAM: Dr. Oetker Organic Brownies I chose this because my mom makes these and I remember the box. I like that they taste chocolaty and melt in my mouth. I would recommend it because it is a mixture of crunchy, soft, and very chocolaty.


DECLAN: The Naked Juice, because it has rich vitamins from the fruit and vegetables, which you don’t taste at all, plus it is not too sweet and tastes like fruit. And some of its flavors are super food! So it is a portable snack, super food, and an organic fruit smoothie drink in one!

LIAM: My favorite thing out of the list is the Steaz Black Cherry Soda because we are not allowed to have soda in our house except for this kind, and it is a very big treat for me and has a lot of taste.


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